Tube fare dodgers as TfL loses over £61m to fare evasion

Tube fare evasion is expected to cost London Underground an estimated £61m this year. The estimate means over 4.5 pence from every passenger journey on the Tube is now lost to fare evasion.

The new analysis, which comes after the Government announced it would cut at least £700m from TfL grants, makes it clear that the Mayor must take a far more rigorous approach to tackling fare dodgers.


This lays bare that his decision to cut up to 897 station staff is a false economy – it doesn’t save money if cutting staff from the ticket line coincides with subsequently rises in fare evasion.

Whilst across the Tube network the number of passenger journeys has increased substantially the amount lost to fare evasion has grown with 4.53 pence lost for every single Tube journey.

The £61m revelation comes after the government announced it would make significant cuts from TfL’s budget. Proposals set out by George Osborne during the Autumn Statement could see TfL lose £700m in revenue grant by 2019/20. Ms/Mr XXX said “with TfL now having to watch every penny, we need to see a real clamp down on fare evasion on the Tube.”

Londoners have a reputation for honesty. As fares rise again in the New Year, the overwhelming majority of Londoners who do pay their way will become increasingly frustrated that Boris Johnson isn’t making things tougher for those that don’t. We need a far more rigorous approach to this problem from the Mayor.


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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