National Policy Forum Re-election Letter

Member: Unite, GMB, Co-op and Socialist Societies

Ballot papers included with those for Labour Leader, Deputy Leader and London Mayor. NB – on the reverse side

Dear Member

I am writing to ask you to consider voting for me as one of your four London CLP reps to the National Policy Forum.

After the election defeat, we are in uncharted territory.

Never before has the National Policy Forum faced a task so challenging. As Labour is deciding on its leadership nationally and for London we must rebuild voter confidence. We must start now.

Labour’s policy-making needs to inspire all of us to fight this pernicious Government and the Tory Mayor.

From congestion charging to genuinely affordable housing, I have been working to develop policies which will improve Londoners’ lives, especially the most vulnerable. As Ken Livingstone’s Deputy Mayor, I led on the London Plan and London’s response to climate change. I have played a major role in developing policies for children and women.

As a London-wide Assembly Member I am promoting the London Living Rent and pushing to raise the benefit cap. I am working hard to highlight the damage caused to our citizens’ health by London’s terrible air quality.

I am campaigning against the toxic mix of planning, housing and welfare policies of both the Government and the Mayor. They are segregating the city’s communities and creating a more unequal and unaffordable London. Labour must stand against this trend.

We need a clear vision of how we’re going to build a better Britain, one underpinned by a strong, inclusive economic strategy focusing on jobs and sustainable growth. And importantly, one which gives hope to the next generation of voters.

The NPF will play an important part in this process. And I know that party members must play an important part in the NPF.

I passionately believe that we will only arrive at an agenda that speaks to Britain by harnessing radical ideas based on your own knowledge and experience. With your backing I will undertake to promote your voice within the NPF so London is heard at a national level. We need change and I will work for it with you.

Please keep in touch



We should not be afraid of debate.

NPF Review

London prides itself on its openness and diverse communitites. These voices must be heard . Our issues of inequality and unaffordability are national ones too.  The upcoming Mayoral election means CLPs have to respond with  London-wide policy ideas.

The NPF is not perfect but this time it worked considerably better.  It was more open to debate in the policy process including annual conference. Now we can make a difference.

For the first time, CLP reps did have influence within policy commissions and at forum meetings. This meant that CLPs and individual members were able to feed into the process. Many of you sent us policy recommendations and amendments to the policy documents. Although we didn’t win them all, partly because of the very cautious atmosphere running up to the election, I was proud to argue for members’ and London CLPs’ proposals on a wide range of issues including setting councils free to build homes, ending the “ unaffordable” affordable rent, public health, community energy and the green economy.

About the NPF

The NPF is an opportunity for representatives from CLPs, unions, affiliated groups , local and european government and regional parties to meet with the shadow cabinet to shape and oversee policy development.

It meets as a whole forum three times a year to discuss in detail documents produced by the policy commissions.  I was on the Stronger, Safer Communities Commission covering a broad range of policies from local government to domestic violence.


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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