Mayor’s failing Rental Standard will take 103 years to hit target at current rate

New figures show that it will take him over one hundred years to hit the Mayor’s target of getting 100,000 of the capital’s landlords signed up to minimum standards. Despite promising to hit his target by May 2016, just 627 additional landlords have been accredited since Boris Johnson launched the scheme in late May last year, leaving many of the London’s  private renters with little protection from bad landlords.

 In 2012 Boris Johnson pledged to sign up 100,000 of London’s estimated 300,000 private landlords to a new London Rental Standard (LRS). The scheme, which was eventually launched in late May last year, sets minimum standards for landlords and provides a kite mark for the various voluntary landlord accreditation schemes in London.

Housing in London, UK

A few days after the LRS was launched last May the Mayor reported that there were 13,512 landlords already signed up to the various accreditation schemes. Yet according to the latest City Hall figures, only 627 additional landlords have signed up since then, despite an intensive publicity campaign. At this rate of progress it would take a further 103 years before Boris Johnson hits his target to sign up 100,000 landlords.

Boris Johnson is once again letting down Londoners when it comes to housing.

The latest figures from the Greater London Authority on the number of landlords accredited under the London Rental Standard can be found here.

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Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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