Old Oak Common and Park Royal MDC vote

This afternoon the Assembly voted on proposals establish a new Mayoral Development Corporation for Old Oak Common and Park Royal (OPDC). The huge development potential unlocked by the coming transport super-hub at Old Oak Common and Park Royal has the unique potential to transform this area of London.

Whilst we support the principle of an MDC, there are a number of key details within this specific proposal which have yet to be resolved. That’s why Labour Group proposed a successful motion outlining these concerns.

Given the capital’s acute housing crisis, the provision of high levels of affordable housing should be at the forefront of the MDC’s aims. To achieve that goal we strongly believe the Mayor should include a requirement that 50 per cent of all new homes are affordable, with a 60:40 split between intermediate and social rents. Instead he has neglected to set any targets for affordable housing.

There are also real concerns at the unprecedented speed with which the Mayor is attempting to push through the key planning documents. Whilst we all want to see the MDC up and running quickly, there is a risk that the Mayor’s appetite to rush it through before he leaves office will be to the detriment of future planning decisions and come at the cost of proper public consultation.

The Mayor has utterly failed to make the case for the unjustified and unnecessary inclusion of Wormwood Scrubs within the boundary of the MDC. With such a complex and technical proposal it is vitally important that the rights and views of local people are not trampled over.

I will post the agreed motion text once it becomes available.


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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2 Responses to Old Oak Common and Park Royal MDC vote

  1. Barnetian says:

    You wouldn’t like to do the same for the two Green and one LibDem ones as well, would you?

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