Big questions for Boris over billion dollar property deal

Tonight Channel 4 aired an exclusive story raising serious questions about Boris Johnson’s handling of the £1bn deal to redevelop the Royal Albert Dock.

You can watch the full report, including my interview, and read an accompanying story here.

The story raised serious questions about the closeness of relationship between London and Partners and ABP. The public has to have confidence in the process behind all  developments, particularly ones as high profile as the Royal Albert Dock. That confidence could well be undermined by the perception that London and Partners, a stakeholder in the tender process, appears to have had a financial link to the developer during that process.

Whilst London needs to attract inward investment we cannot allow a situation to arise where the public perception is that a developer is getting preferential treatment.

The Mayor and officers working for the GLA have a duty to do everything they can to ensure impartiality and avoid any perception of bias. Ultimately given that London and Partners are a virtually wholly owned subsidiary of the Mayor, then on any concerns about their conduct the buck has to stop with him. This programme raised a large number of questions about the close relationship between ABP and London and Partners. I hope the Mayor will take these concerns seriously.

Nicky on C4 news

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Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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