Assembly told building up not the only answer to London’s housing crisis

Yesterday’s meeting of the London Assembly Planning Committee, which I chair, offered perhaps the most wide-ranging debate on the skyscrapers increasingly dominating London’s skyline so far. We had a vast array of experts, including representatives from the Skyline campaign, a top developer, architects, a heritage expert, an engineer with knowledge in sustainability, and others, about this important issue.

If you have the time, I encourage you to watch the archived webcast of the debate available here.


Please see below the press release from the London Assembly:

Peppering London’s skyline with increasing numbers of taller and taller residential buildings will not solve London’s housing shortage, the London Assembly Planning Committee was told today.


In a wide-ranging hearing about tall buildings and London’s skyline, architect Sunand Prasad told the committee “It is not true that we need to build tall to accommodate people. There are many, many models that can fulfil density requirements without going over 20 stories.”


The Committee heard from developer Tony Pidgley that demand for flats in high rises is on the increase with attitudes changing over the last 25 years and he argued that public demand is driving the developers to build towers.


But Peter Rees, Professor of Places and Planning, UCL, and former City of London Corporation’s City Planning Officer  warned that “While 27 per cent of people might want to live in tall buildings, 100 per cent of Londoners have to look at them.”


The committee was told that a more coherent approach is needed to protect London’s skyline.

English Heritage Planning and Conservation Director Nigel Barker told Committee members “The Greater London Authority should be taking a clearer lead on how we are going to balance up the need for growth, the need for development, with the protection of our historic environment.”


Nicky Gavron AM, Chair of the Planning Committee, said:


“The debate about the impact of tall buildings on London’s skyline has been rising as fast as the towers that increasingly dominate it.


“Today we heard a wide-range of views about the potential impacts – both good and bad – that increased numbers of skyscrapers could bring to London and pleas for a more coherent city –wide approach to their development.”


“The Planning Committee will now consider in detail the points made to it and make recommendations as to how the Mayor and Greater London Authority can better fulfil that need.”


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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