Planning Committee investigates tall buildings and London’s skyline

How will the growing number of tall buildings in London affect where and how we live? Are the Mayor’s planning controls enough to manage the impact of tall buildings on the capital’s skyline?

London's skyline

A recent survey by New London Architecture suggests that 236 buildings of more than 20 storys could be on their way with 80% intended to be residential blocks. Almost a fifth are already under construction and around half already have planning approval.

Next Tuesday, the London Assembly Planning Committee, which I chair, will be looking at why the number of proposed tall buildings is on the rise, whether residential developments will really meet London’s housing need and if planning policies are up to the task and being adequately applied in the face of so many tall building applications.

The Committee will question the following guests:

  • Julia Barfield: Managing Director, Marks Barfield Architects (MBA).  MBA created the London Eye in 1989.  MBA has won more than 60 awards for Design, Innovation and Sustainability.
  • Sir Edward Lister: Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, GLA.  Sir Edward advises the Mayor on strategic planning applications and has oversight of the London Plan.
  • Rowan Moore: architecture critic.  Rowan trained as an architect but later turned to journalism. He has been editor of the architecture journal Blueprint and has written for the Evening Standard and The Guardian.
  • Tony Pidgley CBE: Chairman, Berkeley Group plc.  The Berkeley Group has numerous projects for tall residential towers proposed or under construction across London.
  • Peter Rees: Professor of Places and City Planning, The Bartlett, UCL.  Peter was recently appointed a professorship by UCL, having previously held the role of City Planning Officer at the City Corporation since 1985.
  • We will also hear from experts on heritage, architecture, and the environmental implications of tall buildings.

The meeting will take place from 10am on Tuesday, 10 June at City Hall. If you are not able to attend, it will be webcast live.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of tall buildings. Are there any in your neighbourhood that you absolutely hate? Which ones in London do you love, and which do you think don’t work as well? What do you like about tall buildings in general, and what do you dislike?

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About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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2 Responses to Planning Committee investigates tall buildings and London’s skyline

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  2. Better to build upwards than spread out. Otherwise green belt will disappear.

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