Save Earls Court debate in Parliament

Earls Court will be the subject of debate this afternoon in the Commons. The controversial £8 billion redevelopment, which will see the demolition of the iconic Exhibition Centres and the nearby West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates, will be debated by MPs in an adjournment debate in the name of Andy Slaughter MP.


Government ignored local residents’ and industry experts’ concerns this past summer when it allowed the Mayor’s approval to stand, but the debate will highlight that the fight to Save Earls Court is not yet over.

The debate comes ahead of a meeting of TfL’s Financial and Policy Committee on Thursday. Committee members will review the proposed joint venture with CapCo to redevelop the Earls Court Opportunity Area, with a view to whether the TfL board should move ahead with such a proposal.

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Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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2 Responses to Save Earls Court debate in Parliament

  1. Basia Lautman says:

    Demolishon of Ears Court Centre will be hazardous for residents as it is full of asbesto.
    The centre is in constant use and there is no similar provision anywhere in London.
    It is an iconic building . No need for bland development, council tenants losing their homes.

  2. Anon says:

    The ONLY people who would gain from it would be the greedy developers. Anyone stupid enough to pay £3 million for one of the new flats would be faced with terrible traffic congestion problems, and dangerous levels of pollution which would be a serious threat to their health every time they stepped outside their front doors, even they wouldn’t gain from it. This has rightly been described as “a senseless idea that would scar the capital forever.” Decent people being forced out of their homes so that CAPCO can bulldoze the area and build some ugly skyscrapers just to make themselves a profit. Only CAPCO would gain from this, nowone else. Boris Johnson should be ashamed of himself for giving his approval to such a dreadful idea. This idea MUST be stopped.

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