TOMORROW: Rally to Save Earls Court outside City Hall 10am

Join me tomorrow morning to tell the Mayor to Save Earls Court!

Earls Court

For the past couple of years I have warned about a controversial £8 billion redevelopment that will see the loss of world renowned exhibition space and the destruction of a close-knit established community at Earls Court. But the proposal has continued to move ahead. Now it’s back with the Mayor for his final approval before work can begin.

That’s why local residents and activists are coming to City Hall tomorrow to hand in postcards expressing their opposition to the plans. Meet outside City Hall by 10am on Tuesday 25 June.

Waving this through would be irresponsibility of the highest degree. It’s short-termism of the worst sort: knocking down Earls Court for short-term gains for TfL at the same time as destroying a whole community. This is the very opposite of regeneration – it’sactually a wholesale redevelopment with complete disregard for local people and the local economy.

This isn’t any old estate. It’s a well-maintained neighbourhood of high-quality spacious flats and houses, many with gardens, and a very well-established mixed-tenure local community.

Earls Court is the cornerstone of the UK exhibition industry. The centres, currently contribute £1 billion a year to the local economy and bring 2.5 million visitors and 30,000 exhibitors to West London If Boris waves through this demolition it means a decrease in London’s capacity at a time when, globally, cities are increasing theirs.

We need to tell Boris to Save Earls Court! I hope you’ll join me tomorrow morning to make that loud and clear.

Rally begins at 10am on Tuesday 25 June outside City Hall.
Postcards will be available for you to fill out.
If you are unable to make it but would still like to tell Boris to Save Earls Court, you can print off your own postcard and send it in to the Mayor directly:

About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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