Budget 2013: how to get the economy moving again?

In the weeks leading to what is shaping up to be a extraordinarily significant Budget, I am proud to host Budget 2013: how to get the economy moving again on Monday 11 March 6pm at City Hall.

Organised by the Aldersgate Group, a coalition of leaders from business, politics and society that drives action for a sustainable economy, the panel debate will bring together economists and other experts to ask what sort of stimulus the government should be implementing. It should be an informative, interesting, and involving debate, with plenty of scope for audience participation. The debate will be followed by a drinks reception overlooking the Thames.

RSVP is essential. If you’d like to attend this free event, please email the Aldersgate Group at events@aldersgategroup.org.uk.

For more information, please see the official notification below:

Budget 2013: how to get the economy moving again?
The UK economy shrank by a reported 0.3% in the last quarter of 2012, stoking fears of an unprecedented triple-dip recession. In the run up to the 2013 Budget, you are invited to attend a debate at City Hall, the home of the Mayor of London and London Assembly, on the potential expansion of fiscal policy to drive the economic recovery and create jobs. Are austerity policies working? What are the best alternatives to monetary stimulus? Which infrastructure projects represent the best value and how should these be financed? 

The event will hear from a range of experts debating the costs and benefits of various proposals, including road building, large scale energy efficiency retrofit and house building. 

11th March 2013, 5.30pm – 7.15pm (debate starts at 6pm)
Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2AA
Hosted by Nicky Gavron, London-wide Assembly Member

The speakers will be:

  • Kevin Daly, Chief UK Economist, Goldman Sachs (keynote)
  • Dr Adam Marshall, British Chambers of Commerce (Transport infrastructure to improve capacity on the country’s rail, road and air networks)
  • Ingrid Holmes, E3G (The macroeconomic benefits of energy efficiency)
  • John Stewart, House Builders Federation (Bold government action to spark a house building boost) 
  • Andrew Raingold, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group (chair) 
In order to RSVP for this free event, email events@aldersgategroup.org.uk. Priority will be given to Aldersgate Group members and supporters. This event will be photographed and videoed.

Aldersgate Group logo

About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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One Response to Budget 2013: how to get the economy moving again?

  1. Paul says:

    Nicky Gavron’s alternative budget? Ha ha ha ha ha don’t make Me laugh? How much experience have you had in the private sector? Answer: Absolutely none. Zilch. Nada. Nuffink.
    A lifetime spent in agitprop fantasy land and now a member of an pointless organisation which overpays it’s members who are so politically correct they have to think twice before greeting eachother lest they might offend them. Can’t be too careful you know.
    Well I can’t make it but here’s my tuppence worth which I know you will be repeating on my behalf (not).
    Firstly, find some way of dismantling the Aldersgate group who represent nothing more than a few over the hill left leaning utopians who have made their pile in the arts, law and the usual nice middle class profession and have reached an age where they, erm, “need to give something back right?” whose aims also include a deluded attempt to save the planet from the absurd belief of theirs which is carbon dioxide is the evilist thing ever to happen to the World alongside wolf whistles from building sites. uppity lower middle class types and Waitrose running out of extra virgin. Only a complete and utter moron still believes this global warming stuff. It’s soooo nineties and it’s time to move on and find another cause to bother their fragile little minds with.
    I know, how about global cooling…….Oh that’s been done already. How about “Nuclear power, No thanks”……..Arrrrr so, so early eighties.
    I should add that global warming scaremongers have told us that the Thames is prone to flooding so why do you Herberts insist on holding a meeting next to the banks of that river putting the lives of the rich and famous and other champagne socialists at dire risk? That’s not good for the planet is it? I mean the amount of dead bodies involved some of the dead will have made a will to be cremated and the emissions from that burning will in all likelyhood cause the Thames to rise even higher putting my relatives, who incidentally live in Epping, at peril.
    As for retrofitting older buildings that’s a non-starter. Most of the houses that London dwelling champagne socialists live in are Victorian built and there is little that can be done to bring them up to scratch to meet the egregious levels demanded by eco-fascists due to two very important reasons which are:
    1. Those houses are generally of listed status which would mean that serious attempts to upgrade would be legally impossible.
    2. The owners of those same houses hate double glazing (admit it You must hate it too) as makes them look like the type of house lower middle class types (see above) would live in.
    Face up to it.
    Scrap the budget meeting at city hall. It’s a drain on local taxpayers and only represents a mass hand wringing of right thinking lefties who, in the grand scheme of things, have even less to offer than the coalition government who are absolutely useless even by my extremely low standards.
    Can’t wait for the usual response…………………….(one comment)

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