Boris raises fares fifth year in a row

In response to Mayor Johnson’s announcement that he has – for the fifth year running – raised transport fares, I released the following to the press. At a time when Londoners’ incomes are stretching to make ends meet, we must be doing everything in our power to ensure public transport means a viable and affordable option for getting around. Above-inflation fares increases don’t help.

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Boris raises fares fifth year in a row

Londoners’ wallets will be hit with another inflation-busting fare increase – as Transport for London (TfL) last week announced travel costs in the capital will soar by 4.2 per cent on 1 January 2013. This means Boris Johnson has overseen a 26 per cent increase in fares since he became Mayor of London in 2008.

The fare hike was today described as “a tax on working people” by Labour Assembly Member Nicky Gavron – who urged the Mayor to throw a lifeline to struggling Londoners.

Since Boris Johnson was elected in 2008 fares have risen:

Bus fares will more then double with a 55 per cent increase – from 90p in 2008 to £1.40

A weekly bus and tram pass is up 51% under Boris Johnson – from £13.00 in 2008 to £19.60 in 2013

A single ticket on Tube, London Overground and DLR from zone one to two will cost £4.48 in cash – a rise of 12 per cent

A weekly zone 1-2 travelcard is up 26% under Boris Johnson  from £24.20 in 2008  to £30.40 in 2013. Weekly zone 1-4 travelcards will go up 26%, and weekly zone 1-6 up 25%.

London Assembly Member Nicky Gavron said:

“This is going to hit Londoners extremely hard when Government cuts are in full swing.

“The Annual London Survey shows that getting cheaper fares are Londoners top concern, so it’s so disappointing that the Mayor is not listening to what Londoners want.

“London is the best-connected city in the country, if not in Europe. This allows Londoners to pursue opportunities in employment and education across the capital, and allows them to enjoy the best culture and activities the city has to offer. However, this connectivity is meaningless if fares are out of peoples’ reach.

“It’s appalling that the Mayor is increasing fares above inflation when so many Londoners are struggling. I urge him to throw a lifeline to those who will find these fare rises unmanageable. This is another example of the Mayor forgetting about people striving to make a living whilst he promotes tax cuts for the richest.

“Energy bills will be going up 11 per cent, rents in London have increased by 8 per cent and the Mayor has added to this endless burden by putting up travel costs yet again.”


Nicky Gavron is a Londonwide Assembly Member.


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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One Response to Boris raises fares fifth year in a row

  1. Paul says:

    …….“Energy bills will be going up 11 per cent”…
    Ah yes part of the reason they are going up is because of the policies put in place by campaigners such as yourself. Wind farms, solar panels and the other ridiculous Guardian reading schemes designed to save the planet.
    Champagne socialism hasn’t changed thoughout the ages has it?
    Nor has the hair-brained ideas dreamed up by utopianists, such as yourself, in a quest to realist your dream of saving the planet.
    If you want to attack Boris and I’m certainly no fan of this buffoon then choose your battles with at least some semblance of credibility.
    Champagne environmentalism has replaced champagne socialism methinks.

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