EU Climate Action’s Topic of the Week

Each week, EU Climate Action asks the global community about climate change, and how we should live to achieve a world we’d like to live in with a climate we’d like to live in. This week, I’ve sparked the discussion by arguing that transport can be convenient and comfortable without destroying the environment, but it means we need to continue moving away from cars and onto buses, bikes, and feet.

You can learn more about the Topic of the Week and see past topics here. And then join in the conversation on EU Climate Action’s Facebook wall here.

Let’s talk about a world you like with a climate you like

Climate change concerns everyone. The lifestyle we choose significantly affects the world we live in. What is your vision for a future world that still has a safe and comfortable climate? And how can we make it happen? Join our weekly wall discussions on interesting topics and tell us your ideas about a world you like with a climate you like.

Topic of the Week: Travel & Transport

Can transport be convenient and have a small carbon footprint too?

Nicky Gavron, Former Deputy Mayor of London, London Assembly Member and Labour Spokesperson for Housing and Planning on the London Assembly, believes:

“Getting around by car is becoming less and less convenient, and more and more about paying high fuel bills and being stuck in traffic jams. Thankfully new and innovative transport alternatives are becoming available – from low-carbon public buses to car-sharing platforms – in addition to the traditional options of walking, cycling, and taking public transport. These not only cut greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce traffic, noise and pollution and so help to improve living conditions in our cities. And they save us money.”

Read the EU Climate Action article on mobility and climate change here.

About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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  1. Paul says:

    I know you won’t publish this but it makes me feel better if I can just educate you a teensy weensy little bit:

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