Hackney Community Law Center Summer Reception

With fellow patrons Jon Robins, Jean Lambert, and Rajiv Menon QC

The combination of economic recession and slashes to welfare programmes has left many facing uncertainty in their jobs and private lives. That’s why it was such an affront that, just when people needed it most, the government fought tooth and nail to drive through cuts to legal aid. A pillar of the post-war welfare state which had for generations given all Britains equal and fair access and understanding of the judicial system was decimiated in one fell swoop.

It’s now more important than ever to support organisations which give everyone a fair footing under the law. Earlier this year, I became patron to the Hackney Community Law Centre , a chairty which has been providing free and independent legal advice and representation to the people of Hackney and neighbouring boroughs for over 40 years. From problems accessing benefits to dealing with unscrupulous landlords, HCLC turns the theoretical power of the law into tangible power which helps people exercise their rights.

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Hackney Community Law Centre’s Summer Reception. Please see the link for more about HCLC and some pictures of the event.

About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor for London, London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and Labour Spokesperson for Planning
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