Women’s Manifesto: Ken stands up for London’s women

Ken Livingstone today released his plans to make childcare affordable, remove the gender pay gap and return women to senior positions in London government.

This morning I joined Ken’s running mate Val Shawcross, Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and Labour’s women London Assembly candidates to launch the Woman’s Manifesto at the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Westminster.

The manifesto will help makeLondona better place for women by:

  • Establishing an Equal pay Commissioner for London –  Ken will work tirelessly to make equal pay between men and women the status quo inLondon
  • Making childcare affordable and helping women into work – by providing £700 grants to low income Londoners and interest-free loans to families earning up to £40,000. We will provide funding to extend out of hours childcare at 200London nurseries.
  • Using City Hall’s £3.4 billion procurement budget to fight pay discrimination by forcing all companies who wish to supply GLA goods and services to publish information on any pay gap between men and women in the organisation and use this information to inform who gets the contracts.
  • Reverse Boris Johnson’s drastic cut in the number of women in senior positions at City Hall, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police.

As I joined my fellow candidates, I felt proud that Labour offers such a strong selection of women. Val Shawcross is running as Ken’s partner to be deputy Mayor. Eight of our constituency candidates are female – more than half. And six of our list candidates are women – again, more than half.

Compare that to the Tories: only one constituency candidate is a woman, and only four of their list members.

How relevant that we were standing beneath the Pankhurst statue, a monument dedicated to the pioneering leader of the suffragettes movement that won women the vote. She would have been proud to see a party put forward more women than men in an election and release a set of policies specifically designed to improve the lives of women.

And how timely that this manifesto is released on the day it is announced that a quarter of women are unemployed, and Boris Johnson’s party inWestminsterhas ushered in an age of austerity which disproportionately hits women.

London needs a Mayor who will stand up for women.

Read the manifesto at http://www.kenlivingstone.com/uploads/0fb4a46d-b3f6-6564-e9c3-866f4f9aabe8.pdf


About nickygavron

Former Deputy Mayor of London. London Assembly Member, Chair of Planning Committee, and GLA Labour Spokesperson for Planning. NPF Member.
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